The Simpsons Tapped Out: Christmas Update

After getting back to the Ranch, things have been busy as hell.

I’ve been going through pictures of my trip and trying to handle all the grad school and TA related items on my check list, then I have Christmas related parties, potlucks and Secret Santas, so it’s been hectic.  I’m missing my carefree life in big London *sigh*

One thing that’s helping me keep chilled out has been my own little version of Springfield, which had a huge update last week, whilst I was abroad.

This update, the Christmas Update, has brought not only a) new characters b) new quests c) new buildings d) new decorations, but also an awesome graphical update to reflect the most wonderful time of the year.  It’s definitely going to be a white Christmas in Springfield!

Christmas in Springfield

My favourite part of this new update is that the snow.  And it’s everywhere.  Falling from the heavens, it collects on the ground, the houses, the decorations: this my friend, is why winter is a beautiful season.  Sorry, tropical locales.  All the buildings are covered in snow, but so are the decorations, and unfortunately, much of the flora are either dead or are covered up by tarps or snow.  I suppose that’s realistic, but it doesn’t tickle my fancy in the right way.

Another big aspect of this update is the Santa Coins.  You start off with 1 (one) free Christmas tree (more available for an unbe-fucking-lievable price of 75 doughnuts!) which produces 10 coins and 10 XP every 24 hours.  These coins are accumulated and are used to purchase various decorations (so far I’ve picked up 10 Christmas house decorations, 50 coins each) and new buildings.

2 quest buildings that I’ve bought with these Santa Coins were the Mapple Store (150 coins) and Barney’s Bowlerama (200 coins).  I’ve built the Mapple Store already, resulting in a quick quest with Lisa, Homer and Ned, but nothing new has come out of the building.  On the other hand, with about 13 hours to go is Barney and his Bowlerama.  I’m excited for this one since Barney is a classic Simpsons figure.  Hopefully, he’ll get to ride around as the Plow King.  Anyways, the Bowlerama is a large building, so make sure you’ve got room.

Looking forward, the only other upcoming Santa Coin related worthwhile items seem like the Try-N-Save and Santa’s Little Helper (cool, but I’m more of a Snowball II type of guy).  There are other items to get (various coloured Funzos and a canon), but in my eyes, they’re not that cool.  However, if you’re looking to pick them up, make sure you have the Simpson clan and Ned doing their Christmas quests/jobs (they range from 10 -16 hours for between 8-12 coins) and make sure you get the house Christmas decorations: each set (not per house) produces 5 coins per day.  Also, when you visit your friend’s towns, you can pick up coins from their Santa Coin producing houses.  I’m not sure how many you get, but I think it’s somewhere in between 3 and 5 coins.  And finally, Santa’s sack (5 doughnuts in the premium stuff store) also bags you 10 – 20 coins.  Definitely not worth it.

I would have picked something else instead of Santa Coins, say Christmas Candy Canes, but you still get cool items, so good luck.  You have until 3 January 2013 to get your fill of Santa Coins.

Premium Stuff

Let’s move to the Premium Store, shall we?

Here, you can buy more Christmas trees and reindeer to deck out your town.  Or, you could marvel at the overpriced Santa Village (which looks like it comes with a costume for Homer *Update* When you put Homer into the Santa costume, once in a while, he’ll fly across your screen on a sleigh pulled by reindeer), Krustylu Studios (comes with Sideshow Mel), or the f*ing awesome Dr. Nick!  They’re all cool items, but again, they’re pricey.  After blowing a lot of quid in England, I think I’ll hold off on these items.  The two best items, IMHO, Dr. Nick and Krustylu Studios don’t seem to be Christmas related, so they’ll probably be there in the future.

Poorman’s Stuff

Unlike the Premium Store, these items won’t cost you doughnuts, aka, real money.

After the Channel 6 News Building, it’s Dr. Hibbert’s Family Practice followed by the Springfield General Hospital.  I’ve not reached there yet, so I can’t comment on it.  However, this thread is f*ing amazing in that they’ve already figured out what it takes to build each building and what quests are involved.

Surprisingly, the only decoration involved with this update are some fancy lamp lights (Chino approved).  Plus, all the other usual stuff, but covered in snow.

10 days of Christmas

Well, overall, I like this update since it looks great and there’s loads of new buildings and characters.  At first, the snow was overwhelming, but trust me, you’ll get used to it.

Anyways, give it a shot and I hope you get all your Christmas shopping done before Christmas hits.  Get home safe!


PS. Oh, at the beginning of the update, you get some dialogue with Homer admitting that he ate all your Halloween candy :)

TL;DR Yeah, it’s been a week since The Simpson Tapped Out: Christmas Update has been out, but I’ve finally gotten around to putting some of my thoughts about it in words.  Cool, content-filled update

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5 thoughts on “The Simpsons Tapped Out: Christmas Update

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  2. I’m level 10 and have collected nearly 300 coins but somehow never got the free Christmas tree. It’s not in my inventory and I don’t have 75 donuts to buy the tree. Is there a glitch or fix for this.

    • That’s disappointing to hear that you haven’t received your Christmas tree; 75 dougnuts is a fair bit. If it’s not in your inventory, maybe it is a glitch. Are you able to do any of the other Christmas quests?
      As crappy as it is, I can’t think of anything else but to suggest that you *try* to hit up the EA help service. I’ll look around and if I hear anything else, I’ll let you know :)

    • What do you mean?
      They (EA) originally said Jan 3rd or 4th would be the exten of the Christmas update. They then indicated that this update would be extended. For how long? I can’t recall.
      Just focus on getting the bare minimum in terms of Santa Coin items, don’t get the 1000 santa coin funzo. At least not until you get Santa’s Little Helper (1500 santa coins)

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