The Simpsons Tapped Out: Whacking Day

I’ve been super busy these past few days, so I haven’t gotten around to posting about my experiences with with TSTO’s Whacking Day update.  The other reason I haven’t posted up anything earlier is because this update is a big one.

I’ll start off with a few non-Whacking Day specific changes I’ve noticed.  First off, the friends list got shaken up.  It metaphorically kills anyone with OCD (real OCD, not stupid people who casually laugh and say “oh, I have OCD”) and bothers me a little that all the towns are no longer in alphabetical order.   suppose that could be a good thing since people with super long lists probably don’t get through all their friends, but I had a system going and it’s been screwed up now.

Next, if you slip into the “move/rearrange” mode (the yellow directional arrow), then you’ll also notice that characters can also be greyed out.  I understand wanting to grey out structures and decorations, but why characters?  I first thought, “wow, maybe it’s a button to list your characters so you can find them easily”.  But no.  EA thought it was a better idea to grey them out, since you couldn’t interact with them on the move/rearrange mode in the first f*cking place.

In the purchase mode, things are essentially the same.  However, in the top right hand corner, beside the options, there’s a new button.  It’s a projector that leads you to a menu where you can watch some of the cutscenes from before!  That’s pretty awesome and makes up for the previous 2 crappy changes.  It gets better still!  If you go into your options, there’s finally a way to add a confirmation screen to spending doughnuts!  A simple tap activates it and if you happen to tap “spend doughnuts”, a small warning pops up.  If you mess that up, I have no sympathy for you, gorilla fingers. ;)

And the final note of non-Whacking Day material is that I’ve noticed that Skinner’s 24 hour job is now “hiding from Lisa”.  Why?

Whacking Day

Straight up, Whacking Day is a whack load of work.  The selling point of this update is that you tap madly at your screen at little snakes which slither around.  Initially you start off whacking snakes in your own town until you hit 400 snakes at which point you move onto your friends’ towns and can smite 5 snakes per day.  On top of that, you are able to impregnate their towns with snake eggs, which come from whacking snakes.

While it was fun for the first few snakes, it gets tedious to find the eggs, find the snakes and is time consuming to switch between vandalising, placing eggs and batonning snakes when in your friend’s time.  What’s crazy too is that at different levels of snake whacking, you get a prize.  At 150, I picked up Fort Sensible and at 400, you get a license to hit up your friends’ town for snakes.  Then it jumps to 1000, 2000, 3000, etc. for the next few prizes.  That’s a whack load of snakes but the prizes are pretty cool: at 4250, you get the Duff Stadium, 7500 for a bare-chested Willie costume, 10000 for Springfield Coliseum and 12500 snakes for the Sleep-Eazy Motel and Miss Springfield.  I would like to have those items, but I don’t think I can collect enough snakes by 9th May 2013.  Obviously, you can blow doughnuts to hurry your snake collection, but that’s for people who have money (or are getting donations).

Some characters (Willie, Ned, Homer, Lisa, Cletus and Milhouse) have Whacking day specific quests now.  They all range in time length, and give snakes out accordingly, but since it’s a tight deadline, I’d say take advantage of them.  Lisa however, does something a little special.  For 3 hours, you send her to a friend’s town and she takes 3 snakes from them and gives them to you.  Insert evil laughter here…

Decorations have a few additions to the menu.  There are a few fair-type stalls and a banner for in-game cash, and I did invest some money into them to have a little fair area outside Fort Sensible for aesthetic purposes.  There aren’t any new structures to build (the prizes have enough structures there), but like all major updates, there’s a separate Whacking Day premium item shop.

Premium items are pretty bland this time, consisting of mainly vanity items.  There’s a basket of snake eggs, which won’t benefit you, but also an elite Whacking License (up to 10 snakes per friend).  Lumpy is also up for sale at 55 doughnuts, but I’m not sure if he/she/it is a character that just walks around or will be an inanimate object.  Lugash’s Gym is on for a limited time at 175 doughnuts and will throw in the husky Eastern European as well.

Other than being a little tedious in terms of bopping snakes and placing eggs, I think this was a pretty cool update.  They probably skipped Easter to get this one done well; I haven’t seen too many complaints.  However, for us poor (or sensible) people, I don’t think I’ll be able to grab enough snakes to get all the cool Whacking Day prizes.  In 5 days, I’ve hit 673 snakes and I’ll probably be able to get up to maybe the bare-chested willie, but not for the last 2 items.  Woe is me.

Anyways, TSTOTips is getting mad hits off this update and he/she has a pretty solid info page that you should check out.


TL;DR HUGE TSTO update brings in Whacking Day.  Lots of whacking to do by May 9th for neat items

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9 thoughts on “The Simpsons Tapped Out: Whacking Day

  1. I accidentally forgot to grab my prizes when I reached the point that I could get each prize. Is there any way I can get them if I accidentally skipped then?

  2. Pingback: Reading Digest: Tapped Out Is a Bottomless Money Pit Edition | Dead Homer Society

    • It’s called being a tad competent and Google. You type in “The Simpsons Tapped Out”, and you’ll get a slew of results, ranging from EA’s forums (which has that information), or TSTOTips (which I also mention in the bloody post, or did you just scroll to the comments section thinking this a help desk?), or The SimpsonsWiki (again, which has this information).
      Jeff/Stephen, I’m giving you one freebie with this one…

  3. Skinner’s 24-hour task didn’t change. He can still go bird-watching. Hiding from Lisa is, I believe, a Whacking Day task, although I’m not sure if you get rewarded with snakes or just cash and XP. Anyway, this post is already over a week old so you’ve probably figured that out by now. Just ignore me.

    • You’re right! =P

      Took me a while, but I did spot earlier that Skinner still had his bird watching. I wish that they switched up the jobs once in a while. Granted, most my characters are running the same jobs over and over again, it would nice to have other options because some of them are really lame. Anyways, thanks for the hello!

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